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Some occasions are so special, we simply want to capture every single moment and freeze it in time. What you were wearing, thinking and feeling, what the location was like and the ambience of that day or evening… But what if we could capture exactly what the dark sky and the stars looked like on that fateful night?

With a custom-made star map, you can freeze that moment in the galaxy and have it framed for you.

Custom Star Maps

I was contacted by artist Jennifer Beck, from Modern Map Art, who kindly offered to create a custom star map for me. I chose my son’s birth date so we have a record of what the sky looked like in Cape Town on his first night out of the womb.

Mockup of my custom star map

Soon after okaying the mock up, it was printed and shipped. And because the South African Post Office has had a few-months-long backlog (or so I was told), I received it 3 and a half months later! We had it framed and hung.

The message I chose to accompany the star map


Framed and hung in the nursery

My husband and I absolutely love it! It’s a unique idea and quite honestly, it makes a great personalised gift too. The quality of the print was excellent. It’s actually one of our favourite items in our baby’s room.

How it Works

Modern Map Art uses a detailed database of what hundreds and thousands of stars in the sky looked like on a particular date in history. To customise your star map, you select the specific date of your special occasion, the location, the font, the colour scheme, and the message to print on your map. There’s an option to have it printed on canvas, poster or framed poster. The price starts at $29,99 (around R440 excl. delivery), which varies with size and print type.

While on the website it says you will get your frame within a few business days, unfortunately it may take a few months to reach South Africa.


Whether it’s for a gift or to celebrate something special in your life, a custom star map adds a dash of romance/idealism, making it feel as though your momentous occasion was written in stars…🌟

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6 Responses

  1. Mariam

    I absolutely love the idea of selecting your child’s birth date! What a beautiful lifelong memory for them to treasure – knowing what the constellation looked like when they were born. Also, a rather unique baby gift idea too 🙂

  2. Myburgh

    does anyone know a company that does it locally to receive it quicker?

    • Saajida Akabor

      I haven’t come across a company that does this locally.

      If you’d like to receive it quicker, perhaps instead of using the South African Post Office (like what was done for me), contact the artist directly and organise a courier company instead. This may work quicker as at the time that my frame was coming to SA, there was a major backlog at the JHB post office hub, which you can avoid by using a courier company.

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