Watermelon Slush

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Recently my dad was raving about a watermelon slush he had some years ago, and the way he described its brilliant taste, I was inspired to make one myself. It’s summer and watermelon season… So it seemed ideal too. I Googled some recipes and eventually made up my own, based on what I thought would sound okay. It was my first time making a slush, but it’s actually quite easy and turned out great! ­čÖé

The best part is that it’s only 4 ingredients and takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Quick & Easy Watermelon Slush

┬╝ watermelon, seeds removed and broken into smaller pieces
8 ice cubes
3-4 tsp sugar (depends on your preference of sweetness)
Lime cordial


Mix 290 ml water with 60 ml lime cordial. If you have the Safeway Gym Blender like mine, then only half of the recipe can be made at a time: take half the amount of cubed water melon pieces, 1-2 tsp sugar, 4 ice cubes and half the lime cordial mixture, and blend together for a few seconds. Pour out into a glass, and repeat with the remainder of ingredients. The texture is runny (which is how we like to drink it). If you want it to be thicker, make less of the lime cordial mix (maybe reduce it by half and see how is the texture). And if you want it to be chunky with watermelon pieces, then add a few smaller cut pieces of watermelon to the thicker slush.

Serves 3

I’m making this every weekend now… It’s so┬áperfect for the hot weather. The lime cordial picks up the taste tremendously, and together with the watermelon and ice, it keeps you cool and refreshed.

I’m sure soon I will grow tired of it from making it too many times. And try out different types of slushes. But I’ll share my recipes as I go along. ­čÖé

Do you have any cool slush recipes to share? Please do in the comments below. I’d love to know.

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  1. Salawaat

    Thanks for the post. I am am agent for Omniblend home/commercial power Blenders and this happens to be one of my favorite combinations. Only thing is that I use the woolworths lemon /lime necter. It’s the 2 lit bottle which they normally sell any 2 juices for R60. It’s really nice. I use that as a base for many juices/ smoothies instead of water. Sometimes I’m lazy I just leave the watermelon seeds in. The blender crushes them fine and it all stays at the bottom when pouring so it’s not really a problem. Great thing about watermelon is that it’s mostly water and it comes out like a fine juice and not a smoothie.

    • Saajida

      Ooh, thanks for that – I will try out the woolies lime nectar next.
      Yes, that’s true… and in the summer, it’s always lovely to drink a fine juice.

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