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One of the first things I’ve noticed when I got my iPhone 5 was that I couldn’t view the date and time stamp details of my photos – I hunted through every option possible but couldn’t locate it. So how exactly was I able to view these seemingly minor details?

Much to my dissatisfaction, I learned that I’d have to download an app to view that bit of info. There are quite a few apps whose primary function is to provide these details but I found a free one that’s very basic and easy-to-use.

exifExif Wizard shows you general photo information for each of your photographs. It has a thumbnail preview alongside the photo info and a slick email feature if you’d like to mail yourself the details. There’s a “begin” and “end” option on the top right corner that takes you right up to the first photograph of your album and back to the very last, which minimises scrolling.


Downloading Exif Wizard is quick and uncomplicated. Apart from the date and time stamp, the app displays pixel resolution, file size, dimension, location and a host of other details that I don’t quite understand the significance of yet (perhaps you might).

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If you’re looking for an app a little more sophisticated, I’d suggest iPhoto – Apple’s very own creation that’s premium and has a more visually appealing interface with photo editing options.

Which app do you use to view your photos’ date & time stamp details?

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