Unforgettable Knysna

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It feels like a lifetime ago since I last blogged. I’ve been kept on my toes (and away from my computer) recently… But I’m back. And I have an array of photos to share.

My most recent adventure a few hours out of the Mother City was a fantastic trip to Knysna. The first thing that comes to mind in trying to describe it is a neat slice of heaven‘. Picture a small town, with breathtaking views of beaches and lagoons, a tonne of fun activities, much wildlife to explore yet can be one of the most relaxing places you can set (bare)foot on in South Africa… That’s Knysna. The magic about this heavenly destination is that whether you’re on holiday with great company, family, or a romantic getaway, it’s near impossible to be disappointed.

Driving from Cape Town toward Knysna in the early morning

What’s also near impossible, is sharing all the snaps I’ve taken throughout my trip. So I’ve summed it up below. You’re most welcome to mail me or leave a comment to request more info about anything in particular you’d like to know more of. (Psst… TripAdvisor and KnysnaTravel have a cool list of activities to get up to at Knysna, some of which I can personally vouch for 🙂 )

Cango Caves
Cango Wildlife Ranch
Plett Puzzle Park – Forest Walk
Distance and Directions of Well-Known Cities
Knysna Waterfront at Night
Semi-private beach spot
Sunset cruise of Knysna Heads

You know you’ve had a fabulous holiday when you can never tire of going through your holiday snaps, feeling complacent 🙂

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