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I’ve joined Twitter only 6 months ago (never too late?) and I am completely taken with it.

Let’s start from the beginning. I was eighteen years old nineteen years old and I began hearing of Twitter at every corner on campus. So I asked a sister of mine if it really is worth my time since I already have Facebook – the ultimate social media networking site at that time. Her response lay somewhere between “if you want to” but it isn’t really for such “young” folk. And so I never thought about it again.

Until six months ago. Ironically the person whose advice I took, convinces me four years later that Twitter is a useful social networking site to be on especially with a career like mine. It took only a month for me to realise staying logged onto Twitter almost all day is the best way to soak up all it has to offer.

I had been bored of Facebook for quite some time before signing up for a Twitter account. Now that I am on Twitter regularly, I have gathered a few good reasons why Twitter provides a better social networking experience more than Facebook ever can:

  1. Input or content that provides value to your well being, general knowledge or interests. Following the right people and organizations can transform your “social” experience into a bundle of “newsworthy, thought-provoking and interesting” experience. For rich content, it’s all about who you follow and interact with.
  2. Precise messages. With a limit of just 140 characters, creativity kicks in and you’re forced to get straight to the point when you have something to say – what better way to save time? A lot of readers (myself included) want quick, short snippets that say all you need to know about something. And Twitter gives you exactly that. The other advantage of the character limitation is that there’s no opportunity to post long, monotonous statements (Facebook come to mind? Yep, they have a 60,000+ character limit – an open invitation to babblers).
  3. Twitter doesn’t prompt you for your personal information. The lack of information requests on Twitter that I am constantly victim to on Facebook, makes your online experience more pleasant, smooth and relaxed. For people who are not comfortable sharing too much of their personal details (and rightfully so, the internet is full of inquisitive crawlers), Twitter leaves information sharing up to you.

Wondering why am I still on Facebook when I clearly prefer Twitter? It’s so I can be found more easily – all about search engine optimisation. If someone lands on my Facebook profile, it can lead them to my blog, which can lead them to my Twitter. Ah, does it get more sweet?

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27 Responses

  1. Melinda

    Love this post!
    I have had a twitter account for years, but never really used it. Until end of last year I started tweeting regularly and I’m quite enjoying it. I’m bored of facebook too

    • Saajida

      Thanks Melinda 🙂

      I can relate. It took me a month to get used to, and since then I’ve been tweeting regularly. Facebook really isn’t the buzz it used to be.

  2. Arins

    Enjoyed this. Although I am not on Twitter, I have been following the Boston Marathon Suspect Chase via other journalists and the Boston Police tweets.
    This post also convinces me why I should start tweeting 🙂

    • Saajida

      Thanks, Arins 🙂 Ah yes, I’ve seen that. But work has been so hectic, only read small bits and pieces here ‘n there. That reminds me, I’ll share a link with you about a reporter who interviewed the suspects’ aunt.

      You really should! I think you will love it. It’s so easy to stay in the loop with the happenings of the people and organizations that you support.

  3. Jess @ The Dreaming Foodie

    I recently joined Twitter as well, for my blog. I definitely agree that it is a great way to get just the information you want by following the right people and organizations. Thanks for this great post!

    • Ti

      Totally agree but I am yet to find all the right people to follow.

  4. gypsyinjhb

    Been using Twitter since 2009 and it has a way of sucking you in and captivating you much more than Facebook ever did. I have watched countless events unfold from sport matches to the Boston bombing..My only concern now days is that its become to busy and noisy that I tend to take mini breaks from it every now and again ..

  5. Brittany Alexander

    Pretty soon you will have to do a blog post titled Instagram vs Twitter. I hear Instagram is quite addicted. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to cave in soon!

    • Saajida

      True! Thanks for the idea 😉 I’ll have to get Instagram first… I was very put-off initially when there was that rumour about Instagram being able to sell your photographs without your permission, but I see their terms of service states differently.

      • Brittany Alexander

        You’re welcome! And yes that concerned me as well but as you said they have changed their policy since then thankfully. If photography is your passion, my guess is you will get hooked pretty quickly. I’m thinking about trying it out too one of these days.

  6. jumpingfromcliffs

    Twitter drives me bonkers. It’s like being locked in a room with a thousand strangers all yelling “ME ME ME!!” constantly 🙂 Yes, I know I really should put them in lists or whittle them down to an interesting handful, but by now I’m following too many people to filter out what’s valuable and what’s not… So I tend to lock the door and hold a pillow over my ears instead.

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