Truths to Saving Battery Life on iOS 7

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Since getting iOS 7, I’ve noticed many changes. Mainly, my battery lasts a lot less longer. Before I go any further, I admit I am a conservative consumer – I only use what I need most, rather than making use of multiple options simply because they exist (yep, I’m for real). And what I need most is a very narrow list of data-eating apps.

I’m also one of those consumers that panic when I realise my battery is running low and I need to recharge my phone before 24 hours are up since the previous charge. To calm my OCD, I’ve been through the settings options and made a few adjustments that can, collectively, help save battery life. Note: The points below are according to my personal phone usage.

Tweak App Settings

Alert Notifications

Choose how you want your iPhone to alert you of any messages / notifications. The less elaborate the style; the less battery power it consumes. These adjustments also impact your data usage [minimal alert style, minimal data].

  • Settings > Notification Center

Each app, when selected, have the same list of options for your alert style. Options such as “Alert”; “Badge App Icon” and “Show on Lock Screen” require more power when selected (also want to save on data? see here for more information).

Push notifications

Great option – if this kind of dynamic is needed. It takes up a lot of your battery power as it frequently checks for new notifications or messages. If you know you’re good to go without this option then disable it.

  • Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Push

Adjust each setting below this option and ‘Fetch’ the data according to your preference – I prefer it to be Manually.

Background App Refresh

This option does exactly that – it refreshes some apps (that have this option) in the background while connected to either a cellular or wi-fi connection. It obviously takes power and unnecessary data.

  • Settings > General > Background App Refresh

You can choose which apps you’d like refreshed over others instead of disabling completely. Although disabling it would be the best option.

Kill Apps

When you’re done using an app, kill it. This ends the data and power needed to keep it going.

  • Press down the home button twice > Select which app you want to kill off and swipe upward

Wi-Fi or Cell Data?

Think carefully about your usage patterns before deciding whether to switch off your cell data or Wi-Fi. Selective use of either directly impacts your battery. Wi-fi connections take less power. Cellular takes more. Overall, having your phone switched off from both the cell data and the wi-fi will save the most amount of power – but where’s the fun in that? So choose which connection to use when, wisely.

  • Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Settings > Cellular

You can also adjust your Wi-fi from the Control Centre. I’d say the best time to switch off both would be when you’re about to sleep (it’s what I do and it works wonders on the battery life).


Dim the brightness to minimise power usage. The main reason I dim the light actually, has nothing to do with power saving but rather saving my eyes.

  • Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness

You can use the Control Centre to adjust the brightness. I don’t make use of the auto-brightness option. I’ve also notice that it doesn’t work that well with me – the screen is either too bright or too dim.

There are numerous other ways I’ve come across to help save your battery. The above were just what I’ve picked up from my basic usage and understanding of iOS 7. Feel free to share how you save on your battery life, I’d love to know 🙂

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  1. bug

    Background App Refresh is a big one for me. Using static (normal) wallpapers and disabling parallax effect helps as well.

  2. Kavir

    Really great advice thank Saajida, i will try and implement this, i have been noticing battery life has been lasting not as long for my iphone too since i updated. These suggestions are really handy and useful, thanks again

  3. paranoiasnfm

    Ahahah… unfortunatelly, they update software but don’t upgrade the battery…

    A joke: turn off the iPhone to save battery life. 🙂

    Nice blog. 🙂

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