Top Halal Restaurants In Cape Town

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Since moving to Cape Town, many friends and family from Durban and Jo’burg have asked me for restaurant recommendations in the Mother City. What would typically ensue is a quick brainstorm session with my husband, listing all the recent places we’ve eaten at, and then narrowing down the list based on quality of food and the type of experience it would offer an out-of-towner. The result? The list below. 🙂

My 15 Favourite Halal Spots in Cape Town

Please note: All restaurants listed are certified halal and/ Muslim-owned.

***Since writing this post in 2016, a number of new halal restaurants have come up and are worth trying out. Please do more research before settling for what’s on this list***

#15 La Rocca
Situated in Canal Walk, LR is a popular choice among Muslim shoppers. The food’s good (esp. the steaks) but do expect a bit of a wait for your order. There’s a designated smoking section if you haven’t kicked the habit yet. 😛

Savoury Pancake at La Rocca
Savoury Pancake at La Rocca

#14 Wembley Road House 

Everybody in CT recommended this place to me when I just moved here. It’s actually quite nice and not exactly what you’d find in Durbs/Jo’burg so it’s a different experience. Warning: Portions are very filling.

#13 Woodies

This place is known for their seriously tall burgers. It’s new-ish and unlike any burger you’ll ever have. Really. Worth a shot. (Don’t blame me if you don’t want to look at another burger again after this one! 😉 )

#12 Atlantic Express

If you’re like Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) and love trains, or your kids do, this place is just for you. It’s shaped like a train inside and out and they serve lovely food. It’s a little cramped though.

#11 Eastern Food Bazaar

Love Indian cuisine? EFB is your go-to place. Order the best of the best from Bombay, Madras, Punjab and Delhi (or even Istanbul). There’s proper seating on the upper level. It gets busy so be prepared to weave your way through everything and everyone.

#10 Mariam’s Kitchen

Hot Chocolate at Caturra Coffee Bar

This gem has delicious goodies that you just cannot leave Cape Town without tasting. They’re known for a great Gatsby – head’s up, go hungry.

#9 Zaika Tandoor

Four words: best butter chicken ever. The tandoor-style Malay butter chicken is unlike any BC you’ve had. I cannot get enough of it. Seriously. 1 portion can feed about 3-4 adults. Naan’s amazing too.

#8 District Cafe

Contemporary and cosy, this cafe serves tasty food. Nothing extraordinary in terms of unique menu items but it’s a cool place to try out. I prefer the chicken over the beef.

#7 Caturra Coffee Bar 

As a Muslim, it’s hard to find a good halal place in Sea Point but you can’t come to Cape Town and not experience Sea Point. This is the place you should visit. The light meals are prepared slightly differently, and the atmosphere is laid back. [2018 Update: This place has closed down]

#6 Batavia Cafe

This is one of my favourite cafes in Cape Town. From the decor to the food and the service, they’ve got it all right. The food isn’t badly priced and the breakfasts are delicious. Good spot to just chill.

#5 Bin Rashied 

Quarter Chicken from Sabria’s

If you live for pizza, you will love this pizza. While they have other stuff on their menu, the pizzas are the favourite. Absolutely divine! I don’t think I’ve had any pizza here that wasn’t top notch.

#4 The Butcher’s Wife

Treat yourself to quality steaks, pizzas and shakes (among other things!). This place is a clear winner with many locals – and for excellent reason too. Great food, great presentation and a great ambiance!

#3 Fish On The Rocks

Your trip to Hout Bay is simply incomplete without eating here. Freshly fried fish and chips and beautiful views – what more can you ask for? This place gets super busy so be prepared to wait.

#2 Bo Kaap Kombuis

If you want a taste of authentic Malay food then book a table at Bo Kaap Kombuis (no, seriously – reservations are highly encouraged otherwise you won’t get a place). The views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head are magnificent.

#1 Sabria’s 

This is my personal favourite spot. They market themselves as halal fine dining – and they give you nothing less. The food presentation matches the taste. This place is ideal for a family lunch or supper. If you’re going over the weekend, I suggest you make a reservation.

Are you from Cape Town and have a gem of a restaurant to share with me? Do tell, I would love to know!

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32 Responses

  1. Glass

    I have been to each of these places, would rearrange some the items on the list but love them all.

  2. Ahmed Manjoo

    NIce Work Saajida – You probably looked at these but just in case: Bibis kitchen (Wynberg), Truffles (Foreshore), Coffee on the Square (CTICC), Tashreeqas (Kromboom Rd), Panarottis (KC and Vangate), Spur (Vangate and Claremont), Cafe on the Deck (Belvedere Rd), Primi Express (Rosmead Ave), Ninos (Rondebosch village, KC), Dodge (Kromboom), Lady Bee (Kromboom), Alhambra (Islamia School), Snoekies (Belvedere Rd), Simply Asia (Rosmead), St Elmos (Belgravia), Taj Mahal (Hout Bay) The Food Kart (Canal Walk go Karting level), Tunisian Delights (Food Market V&A)

    • Saajida

      Ah, thanks for this! I have visited some of them already and did enjoy it. My hubby and I will make our way through the rest of your list 🙂

      • Fatima

        Also try The Lounge situated in Kromboom Road, Crawford and Calisto’s in Woodstock

  3. yusuf

    You should try bismillah resturaunt. In belgravia and in gatesville. The prawns and tikka and corma curry is amazing. For me thats the best halaal restaurant in cpt

  4. Galeema

    Sabria’s is my personal favourite. Probably the most underrated restaurant! Lovely ambiance, and top notch food.

  5. Fazlin

    Slm Sabria have u checkef out The Village buffet, newly opened in Cape Town CBD, to add to ur list

  6. Mo Khan

    Haiku- not only is it Halal and the best restaurant in CT, but it gets my vote for best in South Africa. I have yet to find any restaurant across the world with the quality and variety of Asian fusion food.

    • ALLI

      Looked up HAIKU sub grp of Bukara and HAIKU does serve alcohol or am I looking at the restaurant let me know thanks

  7. Fareda Manjoo

    Thanks for the info on halal food in and around CT, my family and I are traveling soon from Los Angeles to visit S.A., cape Town is a must see, this is great, will definitely be trying out these food places In Sha Allah.

  8. Tasneem

    I stayed at the Bokaap Kombuis when I was there. The food was amazing, especially their butter chicken.
    I also had my wedding reception there four years ago. Such a nice place 🙂

    • Saajida

      Oh that’s lovely! I can just imagine how amazing your reception must have been in a venue like that.
      I also love their butter chicken – quite a large size portion too!

  9. Ayesha

    Saajida, Pearl Spoon should be somewhere at the top of this list. They based on Belvedere Rd in Rondebosch and serve breakfast and lunch. They recently opened Pearl Spoon in Observatory for Dinner. Great Gourment Restaurants and great service. They are top of my list.

  10. Naz

    Salaams, are all the places on this list muslim owned and alcohol free? Jzk

    • Saajida

      Wslm Naz. Yes they are (both). In order for a restaurant to have a halal certificate, there cannot be alcohol on the premises, just FYI 🙂

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