The Piano [Fiction]

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Just as she retired for bed, she started to hear the muffled sounds of the piano being played downstairs. With a small sigh, and a slight hint of a smile, she reached for her bedroom door handle, slowly pulled it open and softly made her way down.

With each descending step, the sound of Beethoven’s Fur Elise became clearer and louder. Her husband knew how much she loved classical music. He would play something for her every night.

Upon arriving downstairs, she flipped on the light switch.

The lounge illuminated to reveal hand-crafted couches, a stunning bejeweled mirror hanging on the wall and vintage 20th century wallpaper. And there it sat on the far end, coated with a thin layer of dust… the grand piano.

It hadn’t been played for nearly two years.

Her eyes surveyed the room, absorbing its emptiness and his heart-wrenching absence. While this was her daily routine, each night felt like it happened for the very first time. She switched off the light and headed upstairs in silence… back to her room, where sleep awaited.


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