The Opened Door

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Which door have you opened for me,

That I am too blind to see?

Your mercy surrounds me,

Drowns me,

I’m warm and safe,

Being so deep down.

This is love.

Your love,

For me.


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  1. Salawaat

    Masha Allah very beautiful. Reminds me of Shaykh Ibn Arabi’s intimate duas :

    I am crying out to You, as one who is distant calls out for help, from one who is close! I am beseeching You, as a lover yearning
    for their beloved! I am entreating You, as one constrained, petitions one who favourably responds to their need

    Indeed You are the Lover who is Beloved, and the Seeker who is Sought! O You who makes all hearts turn and turn! O You who removes all distress! You are the One who knows all that is unseen, the One who puts a veil over all shortcomings, the One who covers up all sin with forgiveness! O You who has never ceased to be All-Forgiving! O You who has never ceased to veil and protect!

    O Forgiving One! O Veiling One! O Preserver! O Protector! O Defender! O Benefactor! O Truly Affectionate One! O Graciously Indulgent One! O Most Subtle and Benevolent! O Most Mighty and Invincible! O Flawless, Boundless Peace! Forgive me, veil me and preserve me. Protect me, and defend me. Bestow upon me beneficence, affection and indulgence. Be benevolent to me, make me invincible, and grant me peace
    and security.

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