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abstract girl

Dearest You

While a thick, hot tear squeezes itself out of my eye, I try to remind myself why am I here. All my reasons have perished into the darkness. Searching blindly with urgency, I give up with a sigh. I blink. And there they all are – my reasons with beautifully constructed faces formed into a brightly coloured image, appearing only for a millisecond. They’ve disappeared again. I let a smile escape through my lips with relief. And playfully tell myself not to play these mind games with me again… I am weak. My strength will only return when I’ve made the contents of the captivating image tangible. 

Life resumes. 

Lots of love (and relief)
From Me

I’ve decided throwing a small creative piece of mine in between the clutter of my ‘serious’ posts that I feel deserved a publish.
Enough said.

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  1. Kavir

    Wow, profound words strung together and melodiously interwoven in the fabric of fine literature. It has poetic tapestry as well ingenious flare!

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