Spray Paint Project 01: Decorative Car Hang

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I ordered a car hang that I originally wanted in metal but could only source in wood. The car hang is a laser cut-out of the Arabic word for God: Allah. While it did look pretty good in wood, I’ve always wanted it in metallic/silver. The solution? Getting it spray painted in silver, of course.

Allah car hang

First up, I looked for a spray paint that can be used on wood – it was actually easier to find than I thought. I found a 300 ml bottle of silver coloured Brilliant Spray Paint (no, that is the name) at Checkers.

silver spray paint

Since I have no previous experience in spray painting anything, I ordered 2 of the same car hang (in case I spoil the one), and watched a YouTube video before starting. The 3-minute demo was crammed with a bunch of tips and guides and by the end of it, I was confident I knew enough to get it done more or less right.

What to Remember When Spray Painting

  • Hold the bottle at 90 degrees from the surface to be painted
  • Keep your hand steady when moving back and forth
  • Wait for the surface to dry completely before starting the next coat

I tested the spray paint first on a wooden stick to get a feel of what it’s like to spray, how to maintain the same pressure while spraying, and how to keep my hand at the correct angle. And then the fun began!

spray paint car hang 1

spray paint car hang 2

After doing three coats, I decided to do one last one on either side for a brilliant finish.

I didn’t use a face mask, but I would probably use one the next time purely because of the smell. It’s potent and I’m glad I did it outdoors so my home didn’t have any trace of a paint smell.

wooden and spray painted

And then it was time to add the key ring and chain, and hang it in its new home!

car hang ready for car

I have a nearly-full bottle of spray paint to use on something else… I am looking for ideas on what to do next. Any thoughts?

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4 Responses

  1. Salawaat

    Masha Allah that came out really beautiful. Everytime you see it it will Insha Allah inspire you to say Allah Allah Allah. Our elders say that even the indicater in the car when it’s on it seems to be saying All-lah All-lah. Every blade of grass seems to proclaim ‘wahdahu laa shareeka-lahu – He is One without a partner

      • Salawaat

        Some sufis imagine the Ismul Jalala ‘Allah’ being written in their heart. They then imagin that the heart has lips and it says Allah Allah. Then they imagine the blessed Name filling horizon. In this way they become totally annihilated and absorbed in Allah’s remembrance. This calligraphy script/design of Allah’s name you have posted is very beautiful and is perfect for that. Jazakallah for sharing.

  2. Jay

    Why don’t you manufacturer more white .cause white is a very common colour. Thanks

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