Sondagskloof: Getaway to the Vlei Chalet

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You’re on a picturesque farm. In front of you is a forest of poplar trees abuzz with twittering birds. To the right, cows are grazing. A gentle stream flows. To the left, a vegetable patch is flourishing next to a wide open field. Behind you are two dams.
You’re in Sondagskloof; Vlei Chalet.

Vlei Chalet Cabin at Sondagskloof

For the first time since the start of the pandemic we ventured out. This wasn’t an ordinary trip, of course, for a myriad of reasons. I searched for a location that checked all the boxes, unique to our family’s needs. The result, and clear winner, was the Vlei Chalet at Sondagskloof. I cannot find the right words to describe how breathtaking this place is. The pictures are simply a shade, for the whole palette can only be seen with the naked eye. 

Vlei Chalet Sign outside the Cabin at Sondagskloof

Eco-friendly Vlei Chalet Cabin

It’s situated a little over two hours away from Cape Town, in the heart of the Overberg. Sondagskloof has 3 eco-cabins. They rely completely on solar energy and the water is from the spring dam (read more about the chalets). 

Morning Views from the Sondagskloof farm

View of the opened kitchen window at the Vlei Chalet

Once we settled in, I was able to gradually take it all in. The sheer beauty of the farm, the stylish modern interiors of the cabin, the privacy, and the convenience of having everything we could possibly need to enjoy our getaway. There’s little to no signal, hence no reception. And time moved slowly. Purposefully. Living off the grid for those days was something my husband and I needed: a detox from our hyperconnected lives. Yes, there was a short withdrawal period, and no, we suffered zero FOMO.

Cows are grazing at Sondagskloof

The dam behind the chalets at Sondagskloof

Pathway through the forest from the Vlei Chalet

The solitude was refreshing with ample calm spaces to sit back and relax. 

Little boy relaxing in the nest swing at the edge of the poplar forest in Sondagskloof

The deck and flowers in the dam at Sondagskloof

The location presented us with many photo opportunities, and I got to experiment with the iPhone 13 Pro camera. Between the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro, dare I say we didn’t need a DSLR to capture some of the essence of Sondagskloof. (I still love my Canon!)

iPhone 13 Pro Macro Shots

Water droplet about to fall from a yellow flower

Droplet of water caught on a green leaf

Pink flowers with droplets of water on them

Droplets of water at the back of a leaf

Droplets of water on a purple flower outside the Vlei Chalet

Cathy, our host, is such a warm and hospitable person. We were offered to pick vegetables from her veggie patch. And the fresh farm eggs left for us in the kitchen were a great personal touch too. We wouldn’t think twice about returning in the future for another 5* experience.

View of the sunrise sky from the Vlei Chalet

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