Skills Today That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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Technology doesn’t just stop at adding comfort to our lives, it extends to the nature of our careers and new, evolving skills. There’s also that distinct influence in pop culture when you compare current lifestyles to even as near a past as 10 years ago.

I’ve had a good chuckle recently upon realising how sharp my skill at reading emotions in simple text messages (from close ones) were. And then I thought ‘Could I do this 10 years ago?’ The answer was no, obviously. Ten years ago I was enjoying the feel of my first cellphone and excited played games like Snake when I had a free moment in between my Grade 8 classes. There are a number of new found skills people have today that didn’t quite exist 10 years ago. I’ve made a list of five very noticeable ones (Note: if you had any of these skills listed below a decade ago – you must be a techie guru).

Skill #1: The Art of Reading The Tone in a Text Message

I know I’m not the only one who can do this. Especially when it comes to people whom we share close ties and exchange texts with often. Still think it’s tough? Just think of ‘Ok‘ compared to ‘Okay‘ compared to ‘K‘. One of them seems almost like it’s said in a ‘whatever’ kind of tone. And if you don’t know which one of the three that is… That’s K, it’s no big deal anyway.

Skill #2: Online Stalking

You thought the cashier was cute, and you’ve memorised her name on the rectangular badge on her blouse. Two hours later you know where she lives, what she did last night, who her friends are and which high school she attended. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (although I must admit, I don’t recall seeing any cashiers on LinkedIn) provide these details so readily that it’s almost too irresistible not to check every network that person is registered on. It’s human to be curious and in this day and age it’s just so incredibly easy to be stalkerish.

Skill #3: Illegal Intellectual Property Sharing AKA Piracy

Yes, you know I’m looking at all of you. From sound files to novels and magazines, there isn’t much entertainment material that is not pirated and shared online. Any layman on the street can tell you which site they get their stuff from. They’ll even know how many sizes the files are available in to download. Why buy the original when you can download it, right?

Skill #4: Everyone’s a Photographer

Have you noticed just how each and every person owning a camera phone has a range of beautiful pictures to boast about? Almost like photography is not privileged to a fair few with flair anymore. All you need is just one image editor / enhancer app to get your average picture looking like an image from National Geographic. With so many novice photographers, the bar is set pretty high before your images can receive praise.

Skill #5: Digitally Adept

We are more likely able to configure our new devices on our own much quicker than we could a decade ago. Why? Our exposure to the newest technology indirectly programmed us to understand and be able to navigate ourselves through a digital device almost effortlessly. Think of your latest cellphone – did you actually read a word of the manual to setup the basics? I highly doubt. The ease in which we interact with our new gadgets is something to be proud of.

I can’t imagine how these current skills will improve or probably won’t be necessary in the next 10 years to come. I guess we’ll have to wait it out. In the mean time, care to share what skill you’ve developed or sharpened in the last few years? I’d love to know!

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