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Informative YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

“I’m bored” is what I would say during the day when I had even 10 minutes of free time in between work. I love focusing on things and getting my work done. The sense of accomplishment is thrilling and drives me forward. But when the work stops and the activities come to a standstill, my mind doesn’t welcome the break, and I often get frustrated instead. The learning must not stop. Ever.

So what happens when your mind itches to do something? You get something done! And if you learn something new in the process, you have done something rather beneficial. One of the quickest ways to consume information is via short, impactful videos. (If you’re paying for all that data/internet, you might as well use it wisely, right?).

Here’s a small list of people/organisations whose videos I watch regularly for their educational value.

Travel & Tourism
Rick Steves Europe – Rick Steves has awesome long and short videos of every European country, and beyond. They’re insightful and you get to see another side to so many locations. You may just add more places to your travel bucket list after this.

Educational & Thought-Provoking
TEDx Talks – Where do I even start? These videos touch on trending topics, taboo issues, shed light on injustices, celebrate goodness, and the list just goes on. Do yourself a favour and visit this channel. You will likely end up spending hours on it when you have the chance.

Women, Girls & Empowerment
Women in the World – This channel is amazing. It’s a platform for women of influence to share their thoughts and ideas, and champion their causes. It also empowers the voiceless, brings a number of issues to the surface, and recognises strong women from every corner of the globe.

Online Marketing 
Moz – Previously known as SEOMoz, this channel discusses everything you need to know about online marketing, search marketing and how Google’s evolving algorithms affect search results. Even if you aren’t in the industry, it’s quite interesting.

However, if you have more than just a 10-minute break in between your day, it would obviously be far more advantageous for you to get up and do something like taking a walk or stretching. 🙂

PS. Share your favourite videos and/or channels below – I am always looking for more delicious info to consume.

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