Scene and Herd

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In a mere few hours from now, my journey back to a coastal city I still call home, will rekindle my friendship with the animal kingdom.

Soft creamy wool, vacant blue eyes, innocent stares… and muddy hooves. Sheep: a rounded bundle-of-a-reminder of our natural environment. It’s no secret I had a obsession with animals as a child. It wasn’t just their exterior, categorizing them into ‘cute’, ‘scary’, ‘angry-looking’, and sometimes ‘unpleasant’. It’s the major lack of burdens in their lives that humans are constantly faced with. How simple a life animals lead. How simple the evolution of their lives are.

While we’re concerned over which pair of shoes ‘go’ with the outfit we’ve got on, the most complicated decision a sheep may have rests with enough grass to graze on. The bare necessities are all that matters. As for us? We create a world of problems to solve for ourselves, while finding time to complain about it in between.

As I’ll watch them far from the rush of human life, peacefully chewing onto clumps of green grass, blinking every so often, jaws swaying from east to west, I plan on taking a leaf out of the wool-clad book.
Live life simply.

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    • Saajida

      that is so true. and how lucky we are, that even when we do land ourselves in hot water or a few extra problems, we still have the option of learning a lesson from it and becoming wiser 🙂

  1. Zubher

    I want the IronMan…. Where/How can i get it here in Durban?

    • Saajida

      Bhai… I think you meant to comment on Funky Flash Drives, hehe. Anyway, I have no idea where in Durban you can get those. If I see it around here, I’ll get you one.

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