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Since the flight of my last domestic, who was charming and quick, I was left with a sunken feeling at the idea of having to look for someone as good as her. Which, in the end, I didn’t. I seriously considered using an agency, mainly for the convenience (less admin, as no screening required) and safety (each candidate is vetted). I was two-minded and somehow I just ended up getting too busy to schedule a cleaner to come over. And besides, if I may be totally honest here, housework was the only form of exercise I was consistent with on a weekly basis.

Then entered SweepSouth. Featured in Forbes and TechCrunch, winner of the SiMODiSA Start-up 2014, and voted among the Web Summit Top 10 Start-ups, SweepSouth intrigued me.

I didn’t need to hear any more to know that I’m definitely going to try them out. Their website (a clean design, by the way), answered all my questions and general concerns when having a cleaner over. I absolutely loved the fact that the whole booking process can be done online. There isn’t anything more convenient for people who work the whole week.

The Booking Process: Scheduling A Clean with SweepSouth

I secured a booking for a cleaner 4 days beforehand. The standard rate is R38 per hour, and R40 extra to opt for detergents from SweepSouth (I got a R100 off voucher for my first clean, which was a positive start for me 🙂 ). The booking process is organised and laid out carefully, with a calendar to see which days and times are available. Payment is made via CC or debit card, however, the amount is reserved from the card and the payment only goes through after the clean is complete and to satisfaction. During the booking process, I could opt for extra tasks such as cleaning the fridge, windows, laundry + ironing, etc. While there’s an option for detergents, there’s no option for utilities such as mops, brooms, squeegees, and the like. You need to have those.

Immediately after the booking was made, a confirmation email was sent, including the details of the cleaner assigned to me: their name, a short bio and cell number.

Having a SweepStar Clean My Home

On the day of the clean, the SweepStar (the name SweepSouth has fashioned their cleaners) arrived exactly on time. She was pleasant and ready to work immediately. Usually the cleaners pack their own lunch but the SweepStar who was allocated to me said she doesn’t eat in between working as it makes her lazy (how wise? Don’t know how she manages the hunger though). After showing her around the place and confirming what needs to be done, she took it in her stride. She thoroughly cleaned and even finished half an hour earlier than the time slot I booked the clean for.

Feedback and Ratings

At the end of the session, there’s a checklist that I had to fill out, to confirm what was cleaned. Shortly after she left, I received an email from SweepSouth requesting a rating, out of 5 stars, and feedback.

Assuming I wasn’t satisfied with my clean, according to SweepSouth they’d send out another cleaner to redo everything until it’s done to my satisfaction. It’s their SweepSouth Promise.

How’d I rate my experience with SweepSouth?
Wonderful. Convenient. Professional. Reliable.

There’s An App For That

I’ve just downloaded the SweepSouth app, so now I can request my next cleaning session directly from the app. It’s pretty easy and simple to use, maintaining its clean look and feel.

Thanks SweepSouth, for helping me overcome the loss of a great domestic by sending me another!

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