Perfect Moments

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As my bare feet sink into the rough beach sand with each heavy step, my heart drowns in memories of him. His tall, upright stature as he walked against the wind. The tired light brown eyes with thousands of secrets neatly settled deep behind. As the icy waters wet my toes and the waves pull back into the ocean, I snap back to reality.

My heart and mind adopt the exact behaviour of the waves… reaching out as far as possible with a flood of emotion and energy, and upon reaching the outermost distance, I draw back as I realise there isn’t any momentum left to keep me there.

The warm laughter and silent understanding shared between us are all kept safe and tightly closed, away from my naΓ―ve heart. It was never meant to last long, it was never meant to be. I blame my foolishness; my craving for a series of perfect moments to last forever. There are no perfect moments. Just moments.

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16 Responses

    • Saajida

      We’re all somehow pushed into a corner at some point, forcing us to perfect the art of letting go.

  1. Kavir

    Wonderful piece of literature, the way the ocean draws a similar link to life’s moments is so true! looking forward to the next writing piece ”,

    • Saajida

      Thank you!
      I actually had forgotten about it until I needed to transfer photographs onto my new phone and found it πŸ™‚ It was a lovely visit to Camps Bay that eve…

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