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One of the things I didn’t anticipate after having a baby was the amount of body aches and pains I’d have. And because of them, I ended up at the Vineyard Hotel’s Angsana Spa. All I knew was that I needed something to make me feel – and look – good.

The Vineyard Hotel’s spa was on my to-do list for a while. And the timing couldn’t have been more deserving.

I opted for a facial and a foot massage. Being the eager beaver, I arrived a little early. So I got to wait in the lounge area and enjoy some sun before my treatment started. The much-needed silence and greenery outside, combined with the fact that I was about to be pampered sent a thrill of anticipation through me. So, what did I do next? Snapped a few pictures, of course!

The Facial and Foot Spa Treatments

I was led to my room by the therapist who would be working on me. She gave me the low-down of the usuals and commenced with the facial once I was ready. This specific facial is called the Dewy Booster, and heals and hydrates the skin with natural plant and flower extracts. It was an hour-long treatment that included a short massage of my head, face and neck here and there – and my, oh my! That massage was heavenly. Well, that’s what I thought until I had my next treatment…

The fact that I truly needed a leg and foot massage is inconsequential. The treatment was absolutely amazing. Of all the spas I’ve been to, this was one of the best I’ve experienced. The massage was almost intuitive, and hit all the right spots with care and the right amount of pressure. Those 30 minutes flew by!

Special Mentions

There were three factors that complemented my treatment, making it one of the most epic spa experiences I’ve had:

§ First, Tika, the therapist who worked on me, was extremely polite and professional. She knew exactly what she was doing, and the best way to do it.

§ Second, there were little – or extra – things that were done in between the treatment that was different from other spas I’ve been to. And these little things meant a lot. For example, after lying down for one hour from the facial, my arms and legs were lightly massaged to get the blood flowing again before preparing me for the foot massage.

§ Third, there was an abundance of quietness, save for the relaxing music playing. Tika didn’t talk or ask questions unnecessarily, and she was careful not to make any extra noise as possible when manoeuvring the facial equipment – I greatly appreciated the comfortable silence.

In Conclusion

Sipping on some iced tea and enjoying a fruit stick, while filling out a feedback card marked the end of my appointment. My face felt a little tingly but fresh and smooth, while my legs and feet were pain-free and light. And for the first time in months, I felt a sense of physical relief and rejuvenation.

NB: Only once I was done writing this post and I found the Angsana Spa website link, I had learnt that each therapist undergoes 350 hours of accredited training. This explains a lot!


My husband requested a one-liner to give him credit for spoiling me with this spa experience… so here it is –  Thanks, hubby ❤️ 🙂

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    Omw, this looks heavenly! Always a fantastic feeling when the massage therapist knows exactly what to do to make you feel good 🙂

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