Kirstenbosch through the lens of an N8

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One of the most prominent stops when touring Cape Town has to be the Kirstenbosch Gardens, boasting only indigenous flora in spectacularly laid out pathways. With breath taking scenery and picturesque views, I am proud to announce that my N8 has not failed me in capturing the essence in each shot.

Chuckle as you may over my Nokia N8 whose criticisms run deep with an ever increasing shift toward total abandonment, the camera remains impeccable. Evident in the pictures throughout this post is the 12mp high resolution images whose Auto focus, Landscape mode, and Close Up feature (among others) are commendable. [My husband’s Samsung Galaxy S II pics could not compare!] Browse here for the full Nokia N8 camera specs.

The weather was rather pleasant, making an ordinary visit with a camera in hand extraordinary.

Below are images taken with the Close up option, zoomed in…Stunning isn’t it?

A few more of my favorites with the same option..

And lastly, one of my best Landscape mode images..

Taking into consideration the status of Nokia – with the iPhone and Android hogging the global mobile market, I’d say it’s worth it to have a Nokia N8 solely for the use of the camera. It still remains the only mobile phone with one of the largest image sensors. While the true beauty of Kirstenbosch Gardens can never be immaculately portrayed in an image alone, the Nokia N8 12mp camera certainly comes close.

Please note: the images present in this post have been resized.

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  1. sgs2

    Wow, stunning.
    Nokia e71 for work and Samsung Galaxy S2 for play, fits my needs a bit better though.
    Great post.

  2. Seshni

    Beautiful pictures Saaj =) Hope all is well that side of the world, and Im currently looking at N8 deals believe it or not 😀

  3. Saajida

    Thank you 🙂

    @Seshni – lol! Just when everybody is telling me to get rid of mine! It’s all good on this side…just verrry cold. err.. shouldn’t you be working 😉

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