Intaka Island

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When my husband told me there’s an “island” we can visit at Century City, I thought he was joking. This little piece of paradise is so well hidden within the bustling area of Century City, you would have to get to Intaka Island to believe it actually exists. And when you’re there, surrounded by total peace, natural beauty and still waters, you’ll wonder how’d you miss this place all this time.

intaka island office

There’s a lovely narrow canal that runs around Canal Walk (yep, hence the name) and its surrounds, like the Crystal Towers Hotel, luxury residential apartments, and other accommodation. Following the canal leads you to a remote island filled with indigenous flora accompanied by pretty birds. This is the heart of Intaka Island.

intaka island


flowers along the hike at intaka island

It’s a photographer’s haven. And as for nature enthusiasts, you’re in for a thrill. Describing itself as a home to 212 species of plants and 120 species of birds, Intaka Island offers scenic hiking trails and an enjoyable  boat ride along the canal.

Our host on the boat entertained us with facts, plans and what to look forward to in the near future at Century City – by the way, Ratanga Junction will be closing down by 2025! I suggest you start making the most of it from now (still can’t believe they’re doing that. pfft!).

tortoise and exotic birds at intaka island

Although I wore a pair of pumps on the hike – the last time I did this, I ended up with sore toes but it was worth it – it lasted long enough not to leave me with sore feet (granted we took the quick path) yet soak in everything the island has to offer.

view of Canal Walk from the boat

It was fun, enjoyable and even more so with good company. I have a newfound appreciation for Canal Walk too…

I recommend a visit (with bottles of water), especially the boat ride. I’m not entirely sure about the price as we found a special on Daddy’s Deals but whatever it is, it’ll be worth it 🙂

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