Hartbeespoort Dam

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Christmas weekend 2014 was spent with my awesome sisters in Johannesburg. Before parting for the airport on our last day, we headed off to Hartbeespoort Dam for lunch. We almost didn’t go because the weather was being moody that weekend, but we went and we conquered.

It’s about an hour’s drive out of Johannesburg and quite a spectacle when you reach. The cable car ride was a small bit stuffy and it runs at a slow pace as compared to Table Mountain’s cable car. Otherwise, the visit was lovely and views are something to behold. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

cable waycable car

Along the little hiking trail you can view the different locations such as Schoemansville and Botswana, which were pointed out with a small bit of history.

Hartbeespoort Dam
Hartbeespoort Dam

The peace and quiet from being so high up was refreshing. You’re automatically lulled into a philosophical mood, contemplating life and how small we are as compared everything else around us.

The natural beauty is raw and untamed to some extent – there were some pretty flowers and a reptile or two who kept an eye out for us.

natureThe pizza place was pretty good, if you’re planning on visiting Harties (as it’s affectionately known) any time soon.

Been there yet?

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