High Tea at 54 on Bath

Once we picked a table, towards the far end, I was able to look around and take it all in. It was my first time at Level Four of 54 on Bath. The interior was richly decorated; the atmosphere was calm and hushed. Outside, the manicured gardens looked inviting even with the weather acting up a bit. My sister highly recommended the high tea, and with each passing minute I was getting increasingly eager to see and taste it all.

The menu listed two types of high teas: Traditional Afternoon Tea, and Royal Afternoon Tea. We opted for the Traditional. We were presented with peach iced tea as we sat down. Between sips of my welcome drink, I noticed the display table at the front filling up with tins of various teas as well as cookies and macarons for those taking the high tea.

A lady came over to explain how the high tea works, and the waiter took our orders for the first two types of teas we’d like to have. We opted for the Silver Moon and the African Red Sky (I think that was the name). High tea at 54 on Bath offers unlimited refills – so be prepared to come hungry or skip a meal before hand. Once you’re done with a row/level, a refill is brought out for round #2 (of many).

Once the teas arrived, the quiches then arrived. Then came two stands of delicious goodies. They consisted of salmon bagels, scones, jam and cream, cucumber bread, and desserts such as milk tart eclair, pistachio slice, lemon meringue, purple velvet cake, and chocolate mousse slice. We carefully started with the savoury stuff, and then made our way to the dessert.

The salmon quiche was divine! It was garnished with a piece of salmon and cream cheese. The pastry was light, soft, delicate… and the salmon + mixture inside was unlike anything I’ve tasted. The butternut quiche was equally impressive, and had a dollop of avo and half a cherry tomato placed on top. The butternut was sweet and ultra soft, which paired well with the delicate pastry too. I considered requesting another set of two quiches, but by the time I was done tasting everything, I was wholly and completely full. I felt lazy!

Feeling like we needed to walk off everything we just ate, we explored the gardens outside. It was a warm to windy afternoon and the gardens and pool were empty. There’s a lovely view at the top, also of the Jacarandas along the road. When we returned, we had round #2 of tea (a jasmine-infused one). Even though we we looked forward to the refills, we were full from round #1 and didn’t touch them. By the time we headed off, our table looked like we hardly ate anything. It was actually heart breaking to leave such yummy goodies behind.

If you’re looking for a fancy place to indulge, the high tea at 54 on Bath is so worth it. It’s linked to the Rosebank Mall, making it a convenient option to plan a day or afternoon out in Rosebank. When making a reservation for the high tea, full payment is required though. From the service and location to the food and experience, I loved everything! 🙂

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  1. Hassina

    Had high tea here 3 years ago and really enjoyed it. The treats were yum and the setup and service was lovely.would visit again when I make it back to jhb

    • Saajida

      Ooh just thinking about them is making me crave! I would actually return just for those quiches alone 🙂

  2. Taskeen Khan

    What is the cost of the high tea @ 54 on bath? And do you know what the major difference is with the traditional and royal high tea’s?

    • Saajida

      Hi Taskeen. If I remember correctly, we paid about R245 per person. I am not too sure what the differences between the high teas are, only that the Royal has a wider selection of food.

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