Gaining From Loss [Fiction]

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I witnessed pain in a stranger’s smile. I recalled what it felt like. And in an instant I am humbled. It has been a while since my dear old friends, sadness and despair, have visited me and, like most times when they do, outstayed their welcome. 

After all that turmoil I truly believe that there is a need for negative feelings to exist. They’ve brought me down… to earth. The happy moments now have new meaning and greater value. Nothing is taken for granted. With this newfound meaning to life, I’m able to connect with strangers more easily. A silent understanding exists. Hearts acknowledge each other’s journey amid unspoken words. There’s a sense of belonging that brings about an air of composure.


It has been 16 months since I’ve last spoken to my brother. I don’t hold any grudge against him for wrongfully acquiring my share of the inheritance. His actions are a true reflection of his character. I pity him. In all his wealth, his greedy heart remains unhappy. Yet, in what some would call poverty, I am far happier in my modest home than I’ve ever been. 

Life. You can never lose for as long as your heart is alive with love. 

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