Friday, Lyrics & Reflection

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While I sit, working through a ton of things to do before I can retire for the weekend, my headphones are blasting an Arabic song whose lyrics I cannot tire of.

As much as words cannot be used to express many feelings, there are an infinite number of things words can be used for to awaken something within you. When they’re strung together right, whether accompanied by an introduction or not, whether a backdrop was set up or not, those words make an impact and help you discover something inside; and that discovery moves you to another state.

A state that somehow makes you progress into a deeper; more reflective; more intimate version of yourself.

Like unwrapping a gift with many layers of gift wrap… and the more you unwrap, the closer you get to it. Each layer unwrapped reveals a prettier wrapping… instead of wearing down your patience to get to the gift, you’re just left more fascinated.

What will the final unwrapping reveal?



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