Franschhoek Motor Museum: A Vintage Car Paradise

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What to do With Your Parents in Cape Town

The one ‘big issue’ I have when my folks come over is… Where do I take them? What can we do that’s new seeing as they’ve done almost all the touristy things in Cape Town? I’d have to take into account their age in all of this, of course – they’re pensioners and cannot walk for long periods of time, would need halal food, and prefer an activity that isn’t shopping-related.

My dad, a retired mechanical engineer, is passionate about vintage cars. He has a collection of vintage scale models that he’s been adding to for years (he had to hide the boxes from my mum so she wouldn’t find out how much he paid for each of them – but sshhh, let’s just keep this to ourselves!). I sometimes wish I knew enough to indulge him in his obsession only because it makes him so happy. So you can imagine my delight when my husband came across a museum of vintage cars.

Motor Museum in Franschhoek

The Franschhoek Motor Museum, owned by Johann Rupert, has 4 showrooms depicting the evolution of the automobile. They’re presented in chronological order, and they’re all kept in pristine condition on a stunning estate in Franschhoek.

four showrooms at the franschhoek motor museum

You’re presented with a rare opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the most sought-after cars. The security is tight (no surprise there!), the staff is pleasant and friendly, and the entrance fees are actually quite reasonable. The cherry on the top? You can book a ride in a vintage car that takes you around the estate. (And yes, my dad went and loved it!)

old fords exhibited at the franschhoek motor museumpackard exhibited at the franschhoek motor museumvintage Fiat 1939 displayed at the franschhoek motor museum

My mum, husband and I are not even car people, let alone vintage car people, so we were excited only for my dad’s sake. However our minds changed instantly when we got there. Aside from how picturesque the estate is, the organisation, care and condition of the cars and its presentation, along with detailed information accompanying each car, earned our respect. We were impressed, and it turned out to be enjoyable for all of us.

alfa romeo displayed at the franschhoek motor museummotor bike exhibited at the franschhoek motor museum vintage ferrari displayed at the franschhoek motor museum alfa romeo exhibited at the franschhoek motor museum

Because Franshhoek is made up of vineyards, it’s tough finding a halal eating spot (if you know of any, hit me up in the comments below, please). So for lunch, we packed our own food and ate in the shaded parking lot. We were surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, and it turned out to be a pleasant experience.

vintage car ride at the franschhoek motor museum


Truth be told, this was my first visit to Franschhoek in my 7 years of living in CT. I’d love to visit again, and find more activities that are not centred around wine-tasting. So far, Babylonstoren garden is the only one on my list. Feel free to share your recommendations with me.

stunning views at the franschhoek motor museum

I actually enjoyed the Franschhoek Motor Museum so much that I’d go again, and this time I’d opt for a ride on the vintage car myself… And carry along my DSLR to try and capture the beauty of the estate.

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  1. Mariam

    This is so stunning! Eye candy for Z! Would love to take him here the next time we’re around iA ☺️

  2. Glass

    Been here and it is amazing. They rotate the vehicles so every visit will be different.

    • Saajida Akabor

      Ah yes, the driver did mention this to my parents – they routinely change the vehicles on display. How wonderful! No two visits to the museum will be the same!

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