Straying off course… not.

Dearest You While a thick, hot tear squeezes itself out of my eye, I try to remind myself why am I here. All my reasons have perished into the darkness. Searching blindly with urgency, I give up with a sigh. I blink. And there they all are Рmy reasons with...

A little close to the heart

While sipping strong 5 Roses tea in the warm Durban sun this morning, last minute errands flood my mind. Yet the still silence around me begs me to sit a little longer. Contemplate a little deeper. Time has not been a kind friend lately.. hours passing by like minutes...

Dark Fiction

I have taken quite a big step – A decision to share a piece of fiction I wrote. Written for a course I studied back in 2008, we were tasked with writing, in 100 words or so, an opening scene for a horror movie. What is below is a re-write with a few changes. I...

Hi and Welcome!

Iridescent Lane is a lifestyle blog that covers food, local travel, creative writing, parenting, and a few other elements that make up Saajida’s¬†journey living in Cape Town.


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