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It’s safe to say some of us really do become a tad bit obsessed with our favourite fictional movies, books, series etc (Twilight does not count). Naturally we go crazy with excitement at the opportunity to own any object, charm or other paraphernalia relating to our obsession… and then we start a collection to boast about, of course 😉

While browsing through Pinterest in early January, I came across an etsy store that sells Lana Lang’s kryptonite necklace:

I was in the midst of my 10-seasons-of-Smallville marathon back then so you can only imagine my excitement. It just had to be mine! I visited the site (JinxyJewels) that claims to hand-make Lana Lang kryptonite necklaces: both green and white available. It was almost too good to be true so I placed an order that very night. The approximate delivery time to South Africa = 5 weeks! Fortunately, and much to my delight, it arrived a little more than 2 weeks later. The necklace is amazingly beautiful, well-made and a true replica.

JinxyJewels also hand makes Harry Potter, Supernatural, Game of Thrones & more fancy jewels such as bracelets, rings, earrings and keyrings. I received a voucher to use with my next order and I can’t wait to start my own Harry Potter jewel collection! 🙂

Where do you usually get your fandom charms and gems from?  

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8 Responses

  1. Ville

    Looks awesome, must have one. loved smallville, CW is yet to make an equal. Arrow comes close but a bit too dark, hoping The Flash can help.

    • Saajida

      Hi Ville

      Yes, you should check out the other stuff too 🙂 I’m certain you will like the others!
      Aah, I watch Arrow now and then but I’ll have to agree with you, nothing tops Smallville.

  2. Seshni

    Ah I absolutely love this! Definitely on my list of geeky memorabilia 😀 I’m building quite a collection myself with LOTR, Harry Potter, and DC/Marvel memorabilia 🙂
    It’s about time you tackle another social network. Get Instagram and show us your cool stuff. Go on, make us drool 😛

    • Saajida

      oooh! lovely. Share a few pics?
      haha I don’t really want Instagram. I’m afraid I will just take pics of every little mundane thing and post it online. I share my stuff on Twitter though 🙂

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