Dear Matt

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An open letter to you. It would be miraculous if you, one of the 40 million internet users for whom it’s meant, get to read this. For the rest of you who choose to read this anyway, buckle up and learn a thing or two…

Dear Matt

I don’t think you know who I am, actually, you don’t know who I am. I, a young female residing in a cosy apartment somewhere on the coast of Southern Africa, am the person whose email address you used when you signed up for your Netflix account on the morning of August 3rd, 2012.

I was quite surprised (to say the least) at being a Netflix account holder – not even on my bucket list. Addressed as Matt, a name I always associated with carpets and tapestry, I wasn’t the least bit impressed. Actually, I was irritated. You either didn’t know that you need to have your proper (and functional) email address when signing up, or you were impatient and just used a ‘fake’ email address to get past that point in the sign-up process.

Either way, that email address turned out to be mine. Being the very kind humanitarian that I usually am, I have opted not to use your Master Card details to make purchases online (even though the Macbook Air was really tempting). It further boggled my mind when you attempted to change your password 3 long days after I’ve changed it to something only I would know (nah, I forgot it now but it was ridiculously long with a bunch of numbers). Don’t you know that you need to check your email when you change your password so that the process can be completed? Smart enough to own a credit card but not smart enough to know that? Of course I wasn’t going to confirm anything! And yes, I DID close your account.

Now, attempt not to reopen a Netflix account using MY email address in the future please. I do not take pleasure in snooping around another person’s account on any platform. Neither use their personal information against them. Which is why I refrained from using your surname (you can thank me later). I must admit though – your LinkedIn profile looked pretty impressive.

I wish you well in your endeavors and sincerely hope that the next email address you decide to use, is one of your own.

Not-so-kind regards,

PS – If it was a complete mistake (like a misspelling of the username in your email address), I completely understand this time round. If you’re the type of person who usually shares a lot of personal information about your life online, then you might want to view this.

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12 Responses

    • Saajida

      Yes, makes you think twice and thrice before putting something up online. Thankfully I don’t do internet banking!

      • Nafisa

        Internet banking is safe. What’s not safe is when people click phishing links, or use public computers with keyloggers on them. Both “unsafe” cases are really just people being stupid.

    • Saajida

      I was also under that impression – that internet banking is safe. When I showed a friend of mine that video that’s linked in the article, she said she witnessed her good friend hack into her bank account online just to show her how easy it is. She then tightened the security on her account.

  1. YellowCable

    I saw this is real. I am wondering you let this person knows his mistake (I assumed that was). I am wondering if this goes in a wrong hand.

    • Saajida

      I did look for an email address to reach him by, but unfortunately I couldn’t find one.

      Yes, it’s a very tragic fate if he had used the email address of someone a little less considerate. I’d consider him lucky…

  2. Syeda Maham

    That Matt is one intelligent fellow… 😀
    On a serious note online dealings are not that crystal clear as people believe them to be.
    P.S your conduct in this matter is highly appreciable.

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