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I have taken quite a big step – A decision to share a piece of fiction I wrote. Written for a course I studied back in 2008, we were tasked with writing, in 100 words or so, an opening scene for a horror movie. What is below is a re-write with a few changes. I must congratulate my memory in honor of remembering my biased tutor who gave me just over a pass mark for this idea. Here goes.

Drop.. Drop.. Drop..
Hurriedly collecting bloodied chunks, I place them in a black bag. I smirk. Finally. It’s over.
A rat scurries across and my heart skips a beat. I stop. Remain frozen. Silence. Save for the leaking pipe. I sigh.
“You can never match up to me, you smelly toad.” I mock in a ridiculously girlish voice.. Brenda. Who stole my prom date. Who laughed at my dress. Whose last words only I heard. Ha! Her pleading.. Her begging for mercy.. Mercy, ┬ásomething she lacked. Yet I was supposed to show her mercy? Ha! I am better than her. I AM better than HER. I let out a short shrill laugh.
Calmly I watch it burn what I’ve set alight.
Feeling euphoric with each crackle, I tiptoe out of the dark alleyway.

The more I read this, the more ideas I am torn between as to how I should continue this. Perhaps once I have, I’ll be a bit braver and share the entire piece.

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  1. journeyman1977

    Dark indeed…pity it was restricted to just a 100 words ­čÖü brevity is sometimes such a dampener on letting it loose in writing.

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