Creamy Butter Chicken

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In an attempt to keep warm during the icy evenings in Cape Town (and of course, because food is essential), I cooked Butter Chicken last night.

Firstly, I’m not a good cook: I’m still in the process of learning – for two years now – but I’m enjoying the slow journey. And it’s with much delight that I make this family recipe because it’s almost foolproof. If I can get it right, anybody can.

I’m also a novice when it comes to the presentation of food and food photography. So bear with my images… Perhaps they’ll get better with time (like my cooking 😉 )

Some Key Ingredients
Some Key Ingredients
Starting off with Melted Butter & Ending off with Fresh Cream added
Starting off with Melted Butter & Ending off with Fresh Cream added
Butter Chicken ready to devour
Butter Chicken ready to devour

It was delicious… if I may say so myself.

Max. preparation time: 35 mins
(Incl. cubing the chicken fillets & chopping onions)

If you’re interested getting the recipe, simply email or tweet me 🙂

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  1. Zubher

    Planning a trip in October/November with cuzs 🙂

    Lol don’t worry, u don’t havto feed them :’)

  2. Zeenatj

    Looks delicious. I’m sure it tasted delicious also ;))

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