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In the hot sweltering sun, my little brother walks towards me from a far distance. His eyes squinting from the sun’s strong gaze, his small hands tightly grasped around multicoloured wrappers. Annoyance flares up inside of me as I realise I’ve been waiting – and burning – for far too long. Something in me stops the harsh words riddled with anger from escaping myself. I look into his innocent face.

Had he not left me alone in this sultriness, I would not have thought about what I’ve been avoiding for so long. I had been reassessing and evaluating long enough to reach my conclusion. I know what I have to do. My skin may be a few shades darker, but what does that matter now? I have conquered this dark mass inside me that consumed too much of my time. My mind wandered every spare moment, yet today I’ve made sense of it. I have made my peace. No demons will accompany each moment of my being. A rush of new-found strength flows through me.

I smile back at him as we share a moment of silence. And at that moment it felt like the sun cooled down just for me; for us. For the sake of forgetting my anger and appreciating the long wait. I sling an arm across his skinny frame, steal a bubblegum from his sweaty palms and head toward the bus stop.

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  1. Sofia Alston

    When so much of your childhood is documented, there are going to be moments you wish had been left out. For me that moment is an entire era: middle school. It begins with a hike up Baxter Mountain.

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