An Upside To Facebook?

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Contrary to those cynics like me who believe too much Facebook is bad for the health, there actually is a positive effect Facebook has on our psyche. New research that surfaced recently suggests people who are having a down day, log onto Facebook, not to keep tabs on others and look for gossip, but to check out their own profile page and feel positive about themselves again.

A user’s profile page has a reassuring effect that can be explained by the ‘self-affirmation theory‘. Two professors at Cornell University are the first to use this theory that states it’s important for people to see themselves as valuable and moral and look for ways to up their ego, to explain this kind of behaviour.

Facebook profile pages serves as a reminder of one’s personal and meaningful relationships and displays approved content of themselves including photos, videos and other media. Their virtual presence somewhat reflects their actual life as is lived offline, even though only selected content is uploaded.

So your Facebook profile reflects the positives about your life and only what you want to share with people, which creates the perception of a ‘good life‘, subconsciously reassuring you of your ‘goodness‘. And due to Facebook being readily accessible from just about anywhere, it proves to be an extremely easy way for us to confirm our importance and sense of self worth. Find out more here.

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  1. sgs2

    Quite an interesting take on fb, perhaps it’s not a complete waste of my time…..

    • Saajida

      It is rather hey. Who knows, maybe when you’re feeling down one day, you’ll log on and scroll through your profile 😉

    • Saajida

      Certainly. Who knew social media could have this positive a psychological effect on the human mind…

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