A little close to the heart

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While sipping strong 5 Roses tea in the warm Durban sun this morning, last minute errands flood my mind. Yet the still silence around me begs me to sit a little longer. Contemplate a little deeper.

Time has not been a kind friend lately.. hours passing by like minutes and minutes passing by like seconds. In just ’round the corner, I will have to bid Durban goodbye and set off for a new beginning, in every facet of my life, far from home. I chuckle to myself as two pigeons flutter across. Life. Nothing is permanent. Yet we treat it like it is. And if we don’t treat it like it is, it would be nearly impossible to put in a wholehearted effort whose fruits we can only blissfully devour if we do. The challenges we’re meant to learn from will remain untouched. Our cognitive and emotional capacities will be limited. Like our experience. No, we don’t always have to understand the divine reasoning behind what we’re experiencing. We just have to hold it with a firm grip and show it who’s boss 😉

People ask me Are you ready for this? This commitment? The ‘big move’?
Of course I am!
(just a little jittery…)

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