My 6 Best Baby Buys

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Every new parent-to-be has one thing in common pending the arrival of their little bundle: concern for getting the best baby items and accessories within their budget. After doing much research, I made a list of a few items that sounded like must-haves. And, after our bundle arrived, some of them actually turned out to be so!

Seeing as my baby is almost 6 months old, I picked 6 items that my husband and I absolutely love and appreciate, as they’ve made our journey with baby a little easier and convenient.

Baby Items First-Time Parents Should Know About

Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller

What we were looking for: A pram that isn’t too big so it can fit in the boot of my small car.

Then my sister, from Mariam Writes blog, told me about the Doona and I was in awe. My husband and I knew right from the start that this is what we’re going to get. The Doona is the first infant car seat in the world that converts into a stroller – basically we kill two birds with one stone (and yay for extra boot space)!

doona infant car seat and stroller

The Doona is just so easy to use and push around. It’s compact and not that heavy. And simply with a pull of one lever, it converts from a car seat into a stroller. It accommodates a baby up until 13 kg. It was so easy to fly with it too (it meets international standards for air travel). Oh, and the after-sales service is excellent. I contacted Doona South Africa about the loose handle and received the most epic service.

Read more about the Doona here.

Price: R5,999 – R7,000 from takealot
Varies according to colour

Gadikat Avery Nappy Bag

What we were looking for: I wanted a nappy bag that: (a) has many compartments for easy organisation, (b) was made from quality materials, and (c) has a contemporary look and feel.

I searched many SA stores and wasn’t happy with what I saw, especially for the price. The average bag was about R1000. My sister had ordered a nifty Gadikat bag and she encouraged me to look at Gadikat’s other products online. And voila! I found the Avery bag.

Gadikat Avery Bag

It’s stylish, is entirely water-resistant, has 9 pockets, has an easy access bottle compartment, and comes with a nappy changing clutch. And, added bonus, my MacBook Air 13″ fits perfectly too! I’ve been told that, when I carry this bag, it actually looks like a smart large handbag more than a baby/nappy bag.

Read more about the Avery here.

Price: $50 from Amazon
Excl. shipping, handling and import fees

Bright Starts Vibrating Bouncer

What we were looking for: Just an ordinary bouncer to keep baby occupied so I can get a break.

At the time of being advised to get one, my son’s reflux was severe and he couldn’t manage sitting back much so I was slightly weary about buying one. So I went with a budget-friendly option, just to see – and there you have it, Bright Starts was the top pick!

Bright Starts Bouncer - Jungle Stream

This bouncer is basic, but a life-saver. It is comfortable for baby, provides good enough support, and the toys can keep him busy for almost all of his awake time – which gives me some time to myself and I can get house admin done. The vibration option doesn’t really do much for him though.

I don’t know how I’d manage to get anything done without this one.

Read more about the Bright Starts Bouncer here.

Price: R599 from takealot
Currently out of stock. Other similar ones are available

Meadow Days – Dynamic Gymini by Tiny Love

What we were looking for: A play gym with all the bells and whistles but this was at the back of my mind, and not priority, until I saw that this one was a Parents’ Choice finalist at the MamaMagic 2017.

Then I did more research… and it was perfect!

Tiny Love Play Gym

It has a range of awesome developmental features, and it’s adjustable – so it grows as your child grows, and it comes with a tummy time pillow (a must-have for reflux babies). It’s fun to sit on it with him and play. It also has an electronic recording toy with music and feedback. I can just unlatch this from the play gym and take it around the house with us, as well as hang the toys from here onto the Bright Starts bouncer to mix it up a bit.

Read more about the Dynamic Gymini here.

Price: R1439 from takealot

AngelCare Sound Monitor

What we were looking for: Simply a monitor that was sensitive enough to detect all sound immediately, and one that will last a long while.

AngelCare is one of the most highly-rated and much-loved options. It was a no-brainer.

AngelCare Monitor (Sound only)

Even though my son hasn’t moved into his own room yet, I use the monitor during his daytime naps when I can’t be in the room with him. It’s easy to use, the sound is very clear, and the range is pretty good at 80-100 m indoors. It has the option to be either voice-activated (which is what I prefer) or provide a continuous transmission, to suit your preference. And if there’s a power cut, the rechargeable batteries act as regular batteries.

Read more about the AngelCare monitor here.

Price: R999 from takealot

Ubbi Nappy Bin

Okay I have a confession to make: I wasn’t looking for a nappy bin. I had previously come across the Ubbi brand when it first introduced the nappy bin to the South African market, and I was impressed by its features.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Dubbed the ‘Can of steel’ by Ubbi, this nappy bin is made from powder-coated steel which means that it successfully traps in all bad smells. It can hold up to 50 nappies (we only change the bin once a week!), and it takes regular bin bags; nothing fancy. The lid is easy to operate, and it has a child lock for when your wee one is old enough to get their grubby hands everywhere to undo everything. There is literally no smell that emanates from this bin – I absolutely love it!

Read more about the Ubbi here.

Price: R899 – R1,195 from takealot
Varies according to colour/pattern


In case you’re wondering, the ordering of this list was at random, as all are my favourites. I can’t imagine doing without any of these now!

What were your best baby buys? Share in the comments below, I’d love to know.

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