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safari logoSince getting my first iPhone 3 years ago, it has taken me a while to get used to browsing on Safari. I’ve been so accustomed to using Chrome (still do on my Mac) that I would stubbornly stick to it, not knowing how easy it is to use Safari. Now that I only use Safari on my iPhone, here are 5 shortcuts that makes browsing somewhat simpler for me.

  • Reopen Recently Closed Tabs

Touch the tab view (extreme right option at the bottom) > Hold down the + sign > All recently closed tabs are listed.

  • Quickly Close Tabs

While tapping the X should close the tab, you can also do this:

Touch the tab view > Hold down the tab you want to close > Swiftly swipe to the left.

  • Save Images

Touch & hold down the image > Choose “Save Image” from the menu options.

  • Rearrange The Order of Tabs

Touch the tab view > Hold & drag the tab you want to move to reposition it.

  • Access the Tool Bar

The tool bar disappears while browsing and to get it back, simply tap once at the bottom of the screen and it will reappear.

These shortcuts may seem small but when you’re so busy browsing, it sure does save time. Do you use any shortcut that isn’t listed here? Feel free to share.

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3 Responses

  1. Seshni

    This is really helpful! Im so stubborn when it come to learning Apple products, and tend to also stick to Chrome etc.
    I’m gonna give this a shot 🙂

  2. Glass

    This is interesting, although I prefer Chrome, just prefer the integration with the desktop browser.

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