You’re Being Watched

The infographic present below caught my eye this afternoon and is definitely worth the share.

Do you really know the extent your information is available on the Internet? I often think I do. Until I read another astounding article / report on online privacy and how it constantly fails us. My only advice before reading this is: hold no expectation…

Do you know who's watching you? Infographic from

Once you’ve managed to digest what you’ve just read, how comfortable are you being online? Will you actively change your online activities and behaviour? Or is it too late?

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9 Responses

  1. YellowCable

    I completely agreed. I know some information is publicly available but with the wide internet your information can be globally available.

    • Saajida

      Yes. And it’s only logical that we have a say in how much we’d like our information to be available and to whom.

  2. djgarcia94

    I was just looking at your Infographics catagory and came across this. You have a lot of interesting graphs but this one takes the cake. It sure caught the aweful truth about the NSA a few months before everyone else.

    • Saajida

      Hi there.

      Yes, it’s just so scary and downright freaky when you consider everything you do online and realize that nothing, literally, goes unnoticed.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 always a great compliment when readers are interested in your blog content!

      Feel free to stop by again.

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