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There were a number of people who told me that they aren’t as big a fan of Pinterest as I am and find it rather boring and / time-consuming. I’ve done a somewhat mild introduction to Pinterest when I opened an account earlier this year but haven’t touched on it again.

I came across some material online that sought to list reasons as to why do people use Pinterest. It was pretty straightforward and the reasons were completely legitimate. I thought of addressing this issue as I’ve failed to come up with an impressive response when often asked “Why do you use Pinterest?” (My answers lay somewhere in between I like to look at the pretty pictures; The animals are cute; A nice way to pass time etc). The list below are the reasons why I use Pinterest:

Fashion Ideas
fashionNot necessarily for my own use, but to keep up with what’s in fashion. The clothing, shoes and accessories put together range from stunning, to sleek and some to plain ugly – purely my opinion as there may be a side to you that prefers plus-sized floral clothing.

Inspirational Quotes
For those who know me on Twitter and Facebook, my quotes are from Pinterest. The secret’s out. A lot of quotes on Pinterest are presented on creative backdrops as well, making the entire quote an image worthy of admiration. Sometimes going through the quotes in a scrapbook-style can inspire you in more ways than one.

Home Ideas
home-ideaThere are some really good ideas on how to recycle your products or make your own items for different areas around the house. If you have an artsy / creative side to you, you will love this feature! Step-by-step instructions are often provided. Other home ideas presented are fancy or elegantly styled furniture and decor for bedrooms, bathrooms, entrance halls, balconies and staircases.

Holiday Planning Ideas
holidayWhen we’re gifted with the opportunity to travel, we want to make sure it’s going to be a beautiful place. Pinterest has an abundance of amazing and beautiful pictures of places from all over the world. They are quite handy when deciding where it is you want to go, or looking out for specific scenic areas to visit in a country. I don’t plan on travelling soon – I just view the pictures to admire their beauty.

Funny / Entertaining Visuals
As you know, Pinterest is a site with photos. So this feature is fairly obvious and expected. There’s numerous images, photographs and videos that keep you entertained. Some are humourous and others are downright adorable. From all the reasons I use Pinterest, this applies to me the most. I find it a pleasant way to get my mind off the usual things for a moment. Certainly does help.

recipeThis reason isn’t one of my own. It’s a common reason I’ve found on the internet as to why people use Pinterest. I often see recipes and share them, but haven’t really been inspired enough to try them out. Perhaps my lack of free time has much to do with my baking enthusiasm.


So here you have it, the reasons why I use Pinterest – and I think these reasons are quite worthy! If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, I wouldn’t say you’re missing out on a lot. It’s something one can do without, but if you do have it – it can enhance the quality of your spare time now and again.

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  1. good points, seems like something worth investing some of my time in

  2. Sounds like a good place. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It is interesting but one can spend and waste way too much time ‘pinning’

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