Why I Don’t Believe in Writing Tips

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Call me naive, but I truly believe everybody (perhaps some more deep down than others) has the ability to write… and to write well.

And the best part – you don’t need writing tips to get it done.

Our minds work differently; our thoughts flow in a unique manner and what may inspire one person, may not have the same effect on another. So now that I don’t believe in writing tips because we’re all such special human beings, what’s the deal?

It’s simple. Look inside. Find your balance (ride that equilibrium yo’). Okay… so you’re there? Good. Now let everything come to you. Your ideas, your thoughts, your emotions… Then encapsulate each aspect into a bundle of words that string together so seamlessly (and grammatically) that they can exist as profound phrases on their own.

This is the part where you may get stuck – who am I kidding, it’s where we all get stuck. And at this point, I call it the “vocab malfunction”. If you’re privileged enough to own a wealthy vocabulary, you may just have the upper hand here. Scan your mind, or Google, to find the most apt ways to say exactly what you want to… and voila!

Now now, I know the above may sound like a tip, but when I said I don’t believe in writing tips, I meant the kind of tips that promise to get your juices flowing. That’s something only you alone can do. And by now, you should know how to at least squeeze a droplet out…

‘Til next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Psst… If you’re looking for a tip, here’s one: Broaden your vocab by reading great content like this ๐Ÿ˜‰

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