When You’re Not Barely There

The very next day after receiving my fabulous iPhone 5, I headed out in search for the best cover, ie: a slim, pretty one. My search for a single cover ended up in two completely different covers: a sleek black CaseMate Barely There and a fancy, and cheap, no-named brand cover littered with diamantes.

Since then I haven’t allowed myself the luxury – or the foolishness – of using my iPhone uncovered. I’ve taken quite a liking toward the CaseMate cover as it is thin and light yet effective. My hands are smallish, so fitting on a bulky cover for my phone was a no-no. After two months of protected use, I decided to remove the shell just for a single day simply to enjoy the smooth feel of my phone against my palms. The rest is history…

I managed to drop my phone twice, from waist height, onto cold hard tiles. Both times my iPhone 5 met the ground on its edges. Take a look at the heart-breaking scratches it endured:

A small but defining chip
A small but defining chip
Apart from the scratch, a small portion above the jack has sunken
Apart from the chip on the side and the scratches, a small portion above the jack has sunken in

Worse has happened to iPhones that have fallen from such a height – I’m relatively tall so the heights it fell from was bound to be damaging. The best way for me to prevent this from reoccurring – and possibly a worse fall – is to make sure I don’t unnecessarily remove my CaseMate. Unless for a thorough wipe down 🙂


Considering the fall and the impact, it’s amazing the screen didn’t crack.

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6 Responses

  1. Kavir

    Must be Murphy’s Law, the time you decide to remove it from the phone, only then a fall occurs. I must say the CaseMate, looks so sleek and stylish, i have a cover i bought for quite cheap, but its more bulky… Ps. on a black iPhone its hard to notice the scratches!! Really great article, i should get a CaseMate, you not working for them by any chance..”,))

    • Saajida

      Yes, seems like it! There are other colours, you should check it out. It will look great on your white iPhone 5 🙂

      Thanks. Haha, no I’m not… Or maybe… Just maybe…

  2. Ti

    so sad, but at least it is not worse, iPhone 5 is one of the toughest devices out there, a true beauty…. hardware wise….

    • Saajida

      True. As long as the phone’s still in good working condition.
      It’s a beauty (almost) all-round 😉

  3. YellowCable

    I am sorry to hear the incidents. I am glad that the damage is minimal and the phone is still functioning.

    • Saajida

      Thanks, YellowCable. You’re right. With the cover on, the damages are barely noticeable.

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