What I’ve Witnessed In My Rearview Mirror

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Now that I’m on the road, and behind the wheel, more than I’ve ever been (okay, so I’ve only got my driver’s license last year), I sit in traffic every single week day. In between holding my foot down on the brake and slumping back in my seat every few minutes, I’ve taken to checking my rearview mirror more than I should… simply because I get to see somewhat interesting things at times. It’s like watching a live soap opera, and I don’t want to miss a thing (am I the only one who finds this entertaining?).

This, combined with the fact that as a writer making up stories comes naturally to me, can get pretty funny trying to determine what’s going on/ what the driver or passenger is thinking or saying, and where someone might be rushing off to dressed like that. I could write countless words on what I think might have happened, is happening or will happen, but I’m going to stick to reporting on the facts for this one. So, what have I seen? Quite a few things, such as:

#1 The Selfie Queen

selfieNot the driver, thankfully! With beautiful hair that fell beside both sides of her pretty face, the girl who occupied the passenger seat decides to ruffle her hair a bit before posing (duck face, by the way) for a selfie. After taking a few, she sneakily looks on either side of her, checking if the cars witnessed her little photoshoot. They hadn’t, or so I think, because she looked relieved when keeping her phone away. Little did she know the car in front saw it all… And her partner? He was more interested in keeping his eyes, and frustrated frown, on the road.

#2 Honeymooning on the Road

On my way back from Canal Walk, a lady showered her man with love… while putting their lives at risk, I would say. He might have kept his hands steady on the wheel, but I’m sure it was a test of patience for him while she leaned to his side, pulled down the neckline of his t-shirt and softly kissed him. His facial expressions spoke volumes.

#3 Trouble in Paradise

How is it that I always drive in front of couples? A young couple behind me clearly had some kind of argument. Both of them had scowls on their faces, and both looked in opposite directions, in a deliberate and exaggerated manner. Neither of them even flinched. Just blinked. I could feel the ice and tension from my seat. Eek!

#4 Makeup Madness

mascaraA lady very calmly applied mascara, using her rearview mirror for a good look. She drove a manual car, was on a bridge/hill and expertly managed to keep going while applying mascara with her left hand. Skill or carelessness? I don’t know!

#5 A Self-Driving Car

Yep, that’s what I thought when I checked my rearview mirror. The driver’s seat looked empty… but the car was in motion. It was in the afternoon and the shadows were dark in the car… making the extremely short and relatively tanned driver look invisible! I heaved a sigh of relief when I managed to make out the outline of a body.

Have you seen on the road worth sharing? Spill the beans in the comments section below – I’d love to know!

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