We’re being attacked! Google warns.

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If you haven’t heard already, some users may not be able to access the Internet on July 9, 2012 despite an active Internet connection. The cause of this you may ask? Google has the answer: a DNSChanger malware.

Apparently hackers from the world over ran an online advertising scam, gained access and control over affected devices, making them victim to the DNSChanger Trojan. The malware seeks to translate regular web address names (addresses that give rise to traffic) into numerical addresses. It then modifies the DNS settings to use malicious servers that direct users to unsafe locations and fake websites.

It is alleged by the FBI that the hackers behind it all have made millions of dollars in affiliate and referral fees when redirecting users through harmful sites.

On the flip side, Google’s awareness campaign offers a helping hand in ridding your device of the malware should you be affected. Apart from pop up messages warning you of the malware on your device (see image right above), Google will also give you a set of recommendations attempting to remove the malware from your device. Sadly, these recommendations do not guarantee a complete recovery. But there’s hope: “If more devices are cleaned and steps are taken to better secure the machines against further abuse, the notification effort will be well worth it,” says Google.

Buckle up netizens, and surf safe!

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