Trip to the Motherland [Coffee]

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The next time you’re in or around Cape Town CBD, Motherland Coffee is one stop you should make. Its cosy location is surrounded by buildings with distinguished architecture, trees and a paved walkway, creating a laid back atmosphere.



I received vouchers from Zomato to try out this coffee shop and I have to admit – it exceeded my expectations. Their menu is quite limited but each of their options that I’ve tried out were very well-made.


You can read my review here.

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  1. Kavir

    I certainly would love to visit Motherland Coffee now, the items on the menu you have captured with the photos looks amazing, awesome review on Zomoto too!! thanks

    • Saajida

      The pics don’t do justice! I have a feeling you will like the health bars.
      Thanks 🙂 Hope you get to go soon!

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