The Influence of Social Media on the Human Brain

Have you wondered what happens inside your brain while you engage with various social media platforms? Why are we so excited to share the mundane details of our lives? Why is receiving 50 Likes on Facebook so thrilling? How serious do some of us take social media activity to be? Almost like we’re addicted to a drug we don’t even consume in the traditional sense.

Take a look at the infographic below, provided by, that answers these questions and more:

Your Brain on Social Media Infographic

I really didn’t think a day would come where a choice between Facebook and money would be considered.

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8 Responses

  1. jamym

    I choose the job over Facebook, can’t stand it anymore. Twitter is far more useful. Not sure i could ever hit 50 likes, I don’t have that many “friends”.

    Interesting to see the percentage people talk about themselves.

    • Saajida


      I’ve only recently joined Twitter but find it way better and is slowly becoming my primary source of news.

      • jamym

        Same here, Facebook is all me me me, whereas Twitter is a little more knowledge sharing

  2. YellowCable

    It is a good analysis. I think people also seek approval one form of the the other. It gives comforting feeling of oneself being accepted.

  3. liamiman

    Interesting information. I also liked your post comparing Instagram and Facebook. I was a member of the latter for a couple of days before I got the heck of off of there, but detailing my short experience was a fun post to write.
    But who am I to talk? WordPress isn’t that much different is it?

    • Saajida

      Hmm true I suppose. It just depends on what you choose to share and who you’re following / friends with at the end of the day, to determine how much of value it adds (or doesn’t) to your online experience.

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