The Facebook Bug

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If you’re receiving an abundance of notifications from groups you’ve never joined, groups you’ve left a long time ago, or groups you’ve been kicked out of – don’t be alarmed (or annoyed). Well, try not to. Facebook has a bug. And the team is working on it.

This bug has been randomly victimizing various users and ‘joining’ them into groups they were not a part of a mere 24 hours ago. Although it may not sound like an extremely harmful activity, some ‘closed’ or ‘private’ groups ran the risk of having their content shared with people it doesn’t concern. The Facebook Team have acknowledged the bug and released a statement:
A bug surfaced last night that caused some users to be re-added to groups that they previously belonged to. We are working to resolve the issue now. In the meantime, we are rolling out a short-term fix for all closed groups that will make the content of those groups inaccessible to the re-added members.”

For those who are experiencing this short-term malfunction, unfortunately the only solution at the moment is to leave the groups you have been joined into. As for the notifications, there’s an option to turn them off under your Account Settings —> Notifications.

Let’s hope a solution is just around the corner and the problem gets fixed as soon as possible.

Are you are victim of this bug?

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  1. yes and it’s very annoying 🙁

  2. That seems like a very messy bug.

  3. Thank you for sharing.

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