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If you frequently visit new locations, restaurants or scenic spots at every opportunity, chances are you can’t precisely recall the route you took when you plan to visit again in future. We always struggle with this and have to spend a good few minutes working out the best (quickest?) route on Google Maps before we set off on our journey.

google-mapsThe time has finally come – Google Maps launched ‘Your Timeline’ which keeps track of places you’ve previously visited, detailing the route you took and other elements such as the date and time you visited that place. I can see your raised eyebrows at this very stalkerish option but this kind of information will only be visible to you.

You can even name the locations you’ve visited to satisfy your inner organiser, or for quick reference. And if you use Google Photos, the pics you took at that location accompany the info. It sounds to me like a little travel diary that can pretty much offer sentimental value when you look beyond the surface: here’s a new way to hold onto and relive good memories.

If you’re not convinced and find that Your Timeline invades your privacy (which it does), you can turn it off under the account settings.

Think you’ll use this option? I know I will. 🙂

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  1. Glass

    I’ve seen this in action on my device and am quite impressed with it. Google is making your data useful to you (and them), scary stuff but still enjoying it.

    • Saajida

      That’s great! It is scary, but thankfully we have the option of turning it off if we are unhappy 🙂

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