Pick a Colour, Pick a Sentiment

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Choosing a colour – whether it’s for clothing, furniture, goodies – almost always depends on your mood… Well, at least for me.

This is why I don’t like purchasing something when I’m too excited or feeling too down. I know the colour choice I make at the point is something I will think twice about much later; when it’s too late to return (or get a refund).

Emotions and colour have a connection. It’s not a new discovery yet it’s still interesting to me. Especially when company brands use this to their advantage, and we subconsciously associate with and feel what they want us to.

A colleague of mine sent me a link  which had the table below. It neatly shows what each colour represents and which major companies use them.

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While each colour implies a range of different emotions or states in various cultures, some similarities can be drawn. For example, white is almost always associated with purity and innocence.

Do you think these brands’ choice of colours are a reflection of the emotions you (sub)consciously experience?

Personally, Apple’s colour scheme is perfect (I think I’m becoming an iSnob…).

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4 Responses

  1. yeah I do. brands are all smoke and mirrors.

  2. Yup! Especially Gloria Jean’s and Cadbury. They make me feel all warm and comfy :p

    Last year I read about Nestle’s fascinating court battle with Cadbury against the trademarking of its specific shade of purple. Nestle won … the fact that Nestle was prepared to spend even a cent over a shade of purple means that Colour certainly plays a big role in business!

    • I love Cadbury!

      Oh my word… That’s crazy! It used to be just names, logos and inventions, now it’s shades of colour that’s trademarked.

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