Nokia Lumia 625: My Win

I never win competitions‘ my voice of reason always tells me before I participate in one. Fate saw that as a challenge, decided to surprise me – although just one time, I’m not complaining – and I recently won a Nokia Lumia 625! By far the most valuable item I’ve ever won.


I have always placed my trust in Nokia phones until they’ve failed to be innovative at the time when everybody else was. Nokia was then pushed down to a few seats too far from being the #1 best selling phone manufacturer worldwide – a title they’ve held onto during the early years of mobile evolution. 

The Lumia series impressed quite a few over the past few years, reigniting the trust consumers once had in Nokia (before getting my iPhone, I was considering the Nokia Lumia 925). That aside, this slim Lumia 625 is relatively new on the market, releasing in August 2013. It’s an aesthetically pleasing touchscreen device with a 4.7 inch screen, runs Microsoft Windows Phone 8, 5MP LED flash camera and can survive 15.2 hours of talk time on 3G (more specifications).


I was torn between gifting the phone, selling it or keeping it as a spare. My current spare phone is a Nokia N8; the people I’d want to gift the Lumia to already have flashy iPhones or sleek Samsung devices; leaving me with only one option on what to do with it. Perhaps if I didn’t have the N8, I’d have kept this one…

Soon I’ll have to say goodbye to the first and only worthy prize I’ve won.

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