Muizenberg Beach

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We’ve been having bouts of cold, wet weather so when the sun decided to play nice, I jumped at the opportunity of soaking up a bit of warmth at the beach.

IMG_2074Muizenberg Beach is a fantastic option for a family day out, or just to spend time with your partner. There are fun activities such as putt-putt, child-friendly pools and long, winding slides that made me nostalgic just looking at them. One of the attractions at this Indian Ocean beach are the multi-coloured change rooms or “huts” along the beach.



IMG_2072Parking was full but not everybody chilled at the beach, leaving ample space for a relaxing walk along the warm sand. The only busy corner was the surfers spot on the far right. There’s a line of restaurants conveniently facing the sea in old-fashioned buildings. Unfortunately, none of them looked halal. Sirocco was closed, but do keep an eye out if you’re around – perhaps they were closed because it was a Sunday.


These two figures followed us around

Planning on visiting Muizenberg Beach anytime soon?

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8 Responses

  1. This looks awesome. lol @ those shady characters

  2. Even though i was born in cape town and grew up my whole life here, after reading this wonderful piece, it makes me realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city. I want to visit Muizenberg now!!

  3. I can’t remember when was the last time I was at this beach! Lovely pics πŸ™‚

  4. If I’m ever in South Africa I’ll have to go to Muizenberg Beach. What I really want to see are African penguins before they go extinct.

    • You really should come, soon πŸ™‚ Aah, yes, pay a visit to Boulders Beach – it’s fantastic with cute penguins for company.

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