Mozcation Seminar in Cape Town

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mozcation-imageFor SEO’s the world over, 24th January 2013 marked an extraordinary occasion. SEOmoz‘s Mozcation Seminar was held in another hemisphere – Cape Town, South Africa. And I was there.

It’s next to impossible to function in the world of SEO without heeding a few (okay, a lot) of pointers from our SEOmoz friends who dedicate their time and energy in providing SEO techniques and advice. So it was no wonder that Cape Town’s SEO industry was beside itself with excitement and appreciation for Rand FishkinΒ (CEO of SEOmoz) and the SEOmoz team to have deemed our soil a worthy venue.


From the entry point, the buzz of chatter mixed with anticipation was overwhelming. The auditorium at Ratanga Junction comfortably accommodated close onto 400 moz guests. The seminar commenced with a few pressing questions answered by our very own panel of South African SEO experts of the White Hatters organization.

Thereafter a presentation whose contents were listed as ‘top secret’ by its presenters, Erica McGillivray and Matthew Peters, introduced us to ‘Fresh Web Explorer’ – a tool for targeted content that takes blogging to a whole new level. Watch this space.

Finally, the star of the seminar made his compelling presentation – Rand Fishkin on ‘The Nudge is Mightier than the Sword‘. The concept behind theΒ nudge: creatively encompassing customer psychology to successfully achieve the desired outcome of your social media and content marketing. In short: how some signals are more effective than others. While this idea isn’t entirely new in the marketing industry, Fishkin’s approach certainly was.Β 

Some goodies we received at the Mozcation seminar
Some goodies we received at the Mozcation seminar

South Africa may not be one of the leading countries in technological advancement but this seminar showed us that we are, in fact, not that far behind. Although the lack of education has hindered our success, all things considered, we have done quite well thus far in SEO. πŸ™‚

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      It certainly was! The seminar was over way too quick. It’s awesome being around people who are passionate about what they do πŸ™‚

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