Hiking At The Drakensberg

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Trekking along dry grass on one of Drakensberg’s many mountains brought me a sense of peace. The stillness and silence was nature’s way of telling me to tune out and simply concentrate on connecting with my inner self.

drakensberg-mountains-hike-viewThe crunching of twigs, momentary conversations with my sisters and catching snippets of my nieces and nephew’s little voices chatting along the way were the only sources of noise. The air was fresh with a slight chill and the sky was cloudy yet remarkably bold. Every few steps saw us looking up and around; admiring the magnificence we were surrounded by.

waterfall-sign-drakensbergtree-drakensberg-mountainsWe opted for a short hike (±2 hours) to view the waterfall located not too far away from our cottage. The fact that there was a waterfall nearby, and we hadn’t seen it in the 10 years we holidayed here, was news to me. Fortunately for us inexperienced hikers the terrain wasn’t challenging and it turned out to be a relatively smooth journey until we reached our destination: the waterfall.

waterfall-drakensberg-hikewaterfall-drakensbergIt was tricky making our way down the rocks and through the canopy of greenery, but eventually settling on a rock amid the waterfall was beautiful. It was at that moment I understood just a glimpse of why my husband loves hiking and the sense of reward and wonder it brings.

hikersSomewhere along the way my 6-year-old nephew concluded that “this is the best hike in the universe.” While I personally wouldn’t sum up our hike along those lines, the experience was certainly refreshing and enjoyable (it also re-confirmed how unfit I am!).

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day out in Nature 🙂

  2. Sounds amazing, Lovely pictures. Makes me want to visit the Drakensberg

    • Thanks 🙂 You really should. There’s no place more peaceful than being surrounded by those majestic mountains.

  3. Stunning pics! It was a nice, easy hike.
    Ridwaan and I had been to the waterfall before on one of our earlier trips Saaj.

  4. Nice new blog look!

  5. lovely indeed. Yes South Africa has many beautiful places indeed.

    thanks for liking my posts on my blog – much appreciated 🙂

  6. this place surely looks great for hiking trip!

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